Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unexplained Cinema Logo

This is the logo that will appear before my short films in the future, whenever they get finished that is. Unexplained Cinema, the title, doubles for both my production company, such as it is, and, of course, this very blog. As for the logo film, I animated it from several old public domain photos that I stitched together (for instance, the seated man and the abandoned building interior are two separate photos put together). The idea is that we see the outside of the abandoned building first, as we hear the click of the projector turn on and rev up, lighting up its surroundings, and then go inside to see the man seated on a makeshift bench, waiting for the film to start. Then, of course, it dissolves to the logo.


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Jane O Sullivan said...

that is fantastic signore ferrara
love it :)

Greg said...

Why, thank you very much, Jane! So nice to have one of Laura's friends stop by these parts.